Avoid missing out on these 3 undiscovered gaming gems in October.

October Games

It was well known coming into October that this month would be one of the busiest ever for video games. New installments are being released in a number of well-known gaming series; just this week, a new Assassin’s Creed game and Forza Motorsport’s early access were both released. Even though the month is only eight days old, we already know that other great games have slipped beneath the public’s notice in addition to these spectacular AAA releases.

The first week of October saw three new games that, while not receiving the same attention as Forza Motorsport and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, nevertheless merit consideration, especially for people who enjoy games that require them to use their strategic thinking skills: Silent Hope, The Lamplighters League, and Wargroove 2. While you wait for Spider-Man and Mario, check out these three excellent games.

The Lamplighters League

The Lamplighters League

Did you know that this week saw the release of a brand-new game from Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind outstanding strategic RPGs like the Shadowrun Trilogy and Battletech? The Lamplighters League, a supernatural strategy game inspired by pulp fiction from the early 1900s, was released on October 3 by the studio. That can be seen in the game’s comical visual design and engaging voice acting, both of which I found to be incredibly endearing.

The gameplay will be recognizable to those who have played the XCOM series or earlier games by Harebrained. Between battles, players can move stealthily. They can use those times to explore, learn more about the setting and lore, place their troops, and even use the special skills of each character to take out a few foes before a battle starts. The Lamplighters League’s missions are therefore more extensive and intense than those of its competitors.
It isn’t revolutionary for the strategy game genre, but it gives you the impression that you are the leader of a diverse squad of spies that are adept at outwitting powerful adversaries.

The Lamplighters League will force you to pause, think critically, and soundly execute smart tactical methods to finish a mission with the fewest mistakes or casualties possible, in contrast to many of this month’s greatest releases, which are fast-paced, action-focused romps.

Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X/S users can now play The Lamplighters League. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass offers it.

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Wargroove 2

Wargroove 2

The next album is Wargroove 2, which Chucklefish published on October 5. It is a strategy game similar to The Lamplighters League, but it takes a different tack. Instead of XCOM, Advance Wars serves as the inspiration for this game since, at the time the original Wargroove was released, the strategy game genre desperately needed a game like it. It would have appeared that the release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp earlier this year would make a game like Wargroove 2 less necessary, but that is not the case.

The tactical relationships between weaker commander units and more potent regular units are highlighted in the in-depth and captivating strategy game Wargroove 2. Strong commanders can move foes from one area to another forcibly, enhance nearby units, and use their great groove powers to create new combat plans.

By attempting to engage in combat on terrain that increases your unit’s defense, you must be careful not to overstretch these commander units and reduce the amount of damage taken. In the game’s roguelike mode, Conquest, where players navigate down roads filled with tactical difficulties and tactical choices, gathering new units and abilities while attempting to keep everyone healthy along the way, this becomes even more crucial. Conquest adds a sense of limitless replay value to Wargroove 2, which fits nicely in a game where learning mechanics is essential to creating the best strategy. You might be able to squeeze entire Conquest runs between other games for the remainder of the year, as opposed to just one or two missions in The Lamplighters League.

Now available on PC and Nintendo Switch is Wargroove 2.

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Silent Hope

silent hope

For those who just wish to immerse themselves in a replayable roguelike experience, there is also silent hope. This rogue-lite, which was released on October 3 by Marvelous and XSEED, is set in a world where only a princess who is enclosed in a massive teardrop can talk. Seven heroes emerge from crystals, teaming up with the Princess to descend into a vast chasm in quest of the monarch imprisoned below.

In practice, this means that players must traverse the abyss using one of seven character class archetypes over the course of numerous runs, slaying foes, and accumulating resources to steadily increase the character’s attributes and chances of survival. Silent Hope has a nice and inviting peculiarity and charm that could only come from a Japanese developer, despite the fact that its plot and combat aren’t as polished as something like Hades.

It maintains the fundamental gameplay loop that makes roguelikes so much fun while adding a lot of charm to the setting and presentation. Something as straightforward as a solid roguelike will be just as interesting in the few quieter times tucked throughout the rest of 2023’s release calendar, even though other games this month might be significantly more ambitious or sophisticated.

The video game Silent Hope is accessible on PC and Nintendo Switch. A download should be worthwhile just for the free demo because it allows you to go through the initial area numerous times while giving you a strong understanding of all of the game’s fundamental gameplay loops and mechanisms.

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